Monday, January 26, 2015

Little Miss

I thought I would share some of this little girl's cuteness from the past two weeks. :)  Katie's vocabulary is growing so fast.  One day when I went to take her picture, she said "Cheese!" and made a face.  Ollie and I don't ask her to say cheese, so I am not sure where she learned it, haha.  She has been saying a lot of new words.  Katie says guys, please, thanks, and has recently learned the sound that a sheep makes.  She is working on what a duck says (she loves her rubber duckies and her stuffed animal duckie from Easter last year), but it often comes out more like a tiger.  She LOVES the show Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood, which is based off of the show Mister Rogers' Neighborhood.  She is always so excited to watch it in the morning.   She has also been wanting to bring her purse whenever we "go" somewhere now.  If I say "Katie, do you want to go?"  She says "Go!" Then, she brings me her shoes, socks, and coat.  :) 

Katie came with us to go wedding dress shopping for my cousin's fiance, who is a friend of mine.  Katie soon noticed the girl standing on the pedestal got a lot of attention. :)  She wanted to join in the fun!

After Jenny said "yes to the dress," we went back to my cousin's apartment to play some video games.  Katie was chased by my cousin and loved it!

Here is Katie ready to "go" run some errands with her purse in tow.  This was the first day she did this, and the first time she said "Cheese!" for the camera. :)