Thursday, September 8, 2011

Summer 2011

One day, while sitting in Relief Society, we were doing the classic introduce yourself by sharing your name, your major, and one fact about yourself. Thinking about what to share for a minute, I thought I would say volleyball. Who knew where that decision would lead? Most people would think nowhere, but they would be wrong.

After Relief Society, Elise, a lady I visit teach, comes over and says, “You play volleyball! Why didn’t I know this! We play every Saturday!” She said the time changed every week, so she would contact me and let me know when we would play. For several weeks, she would write me on Facebook, which message I would not get until they had already left. Then, she started texting me, because she had forgotten that I did not have texting. Finally, after being out of town one weekend, she called me, and I began playing with her volleyball group. That first week, I remember three guys that were there, because they were good friends with Elise. They were all in the same ward together freshmen year. Two of them were now roommates, Oliver AhMu and Jordan Westra. The other name I cannot remember now. Oliver and Jordan were really funny and pretty good at volleyball. I often ended up on their team, except for a few times, one of which Oliver ran over me through the net, knocking me to the ground. We played for the remainder of summer and for a few weeks after school started, but Elise was leaving on a mission, and we knew volleyball would come to an end, and end it did.

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