Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Oliver and I are pretty sure that Katie has started teething.  On the verge of being just four months old, she is an early teether.  I feel so sorry for her.  She has been running a fever and has been quite grumpy.  The worst part is that when she is the most upset, she will not use a teething ring, a cold washcloth, or one of her parents' fingers.  Her silapap drops are her only friend at this time, except the fact that she hates the stuff (her parents also hate cherry flavored medicine).  

In addition to teething woes, I am hopefully getting over an infection in my lungs that caused an awful thing called Pleurisy.  This is when the lining of your lungs becomes inflamed, causing horrible chest pain, similar to if you were having a heart attack.  The pain has been less common and less painful lately, which is a blessing.  But now, Oliver and I seem to have caught some other bug.  Lucky us...  But to cheer everyone in our home up, we bought Katie a jumper/activity center/walker, that she loves.  This has led to some big smiles.  Oliver and I also have the goal of making her laugh, but we have only succeeded a few times.  We hope to get her laughing more often soon.  She has quite the cute little giggle. :)

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