Wednesday, May 21, 2014

We are moving....!

We are moving to Orem in a few weeks!  Ollie applied for a part-time live-in maintenance job at an apartment complex, and he got the job!  (No worries, he will still be working at RC Willey.)  The money that he earns goes straight to paying for our rent, which is awesome!  Another surprise is that he knows the Apartment Managers- the husband is the older brother of Ollie's best friend from St. Louis.  We will be living right next door to them.  The apartment has two bedrooms, a private utility room with washer and dryer hookups, and it will have a dishwasher.  (Also awesome, Ollie was able to get a really good deal on a new dryer, and he found a free washer in great shape!)  The RC Willey stores in Provo and Orem are closing and being replaced with a new store in Orem, so living in Orem just makes sense.

If we do a good job, we will have the opportunity to become the Apartment Managers next summer when the other couple moves out-of-state for schooling.  Then, we would have free rent, and we would be paid on top of that for the work that we would do.  This would allow me to stay at home to take care of Katie and help earn some money for our little family.

We are really excited for this new opportunity, and it is a real blessing in our lives.  It fits perfectly in with our future plans.  Heavenly Father really does know what we need.

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