Friday, October 21, 2011

Haunted Forest

Oliver came to pick me up, and he looked really handsome. That was the first time I had seen him out of a t-shirt and gym shorts. First, we went to his apartment to meet up with the rest of the group. The first thing out of his mouth there (after a larger girl had threatened that she could take him, long story), he said, “I can lift 300 pounds.” After which, there was relative silence. Oliver drove me, Jordan, and another of his roommates, Nate, to the Haunted Forest. While on the way there, we asked him why in the world he had said that to the girl. We explained what it had sounded like (That he could lift 300 pounds; therefore, he could handle lifting her), and Oliver said that was not how he had meant it. In class earlier that day, the teacher had asked if anyone could lift 300 pounds, which Oliver answered he could. The teacher asked him for his help with a demonstration; he had simply been proud that he could help out earlier that day. Everyone in the car had a good laugh over the misunderstanding.

We got to the Haunted Forest, which was not as bad as I thought it would be. Alone, many things would have frightened me (I hate knowing something is going to jump out at me and having it happen, also one of the worst parts of movies), but with Oliver, everything was just funny and a lot of fun to me. Since he had asked me to this “scary event” I knew he was probably going to try to hold my hand, and I was right. Partway through the house, the beginning of the event, he reached out for my hand, which to my surprise, was a perfect fit, not only because his hand was still warm while mine was freezing. We laughed as everyone was being scared by the people working there, and did not laugh so much as a guy with a horn annoyingly honked it right in my ear about 20 times in a row. We learned more about each other, including that we both had three siblings, one sister and two brothers. Oliver also told me a bit about his mission to the Philippines, which with the passion he talked with about it, I could tell that he had been a really good missionary and that he loved the gospel.

After we had made it through the Haunted Forest, everyone was hungry so we stopped at Burger King on the way home, Oliver’s idea. I grew up with a dad that does not like Burger King, so the prejudice had carried on, even though I had only been there once or twice myself. The food was not that bad, but the prejudice carried on. Oliver took me home, and we both said that we had a good time, and we would like to do something again sometime.

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