Thursday, November 17, 2011

Al and Mae Capone

Oliver had asked me to his ward’s dance, where everyone was supposed to dress up as couples. We decided to dress up as Al and Mae Capone and got our costumes ready. Oliver came to pick me up and waited for me to finish getting ready. We took some photos and headed off for the dance. I told him that he looked handsome, and he told me that I looked really beautiful. Everyone said how “legit” we looked. While at the event, we ate dinner and danced. Once, while taking a break, he asked me if I would want to meet his parents. He said that he would like me to fly home with him for Christmas to meet them, and then he agreed to come home for Thanksgiving with me. We were both pretty excited. Then, we danced some more and cleaned up after the dance. We kept staring and smiling at each other.

Oliver and I went to his apartment to watch part of a movie with our group before it was midnight. I was in a dress so Oliver offered to let me change into some of his clothes to be more comfortable (which when I got home, I realized his clothes smelled like him). When we got back to my apartment, he unlocked my door, opened it for me, gave me a kiss on the forehead, and said goodnight.

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