Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Future In Sight

Oliver picked me up to go to his apartment to make hamburgers with his apartment and some other friends. On the way there, his parents were really excited to meet me, but then they decided because of the price and timing, that we should wait to go to Missouri together. While making hamburgers, Oliver told me about his conversation with his dad about me and our relationship. His dad had asked Oliver what he liked about me, and they discussed what he should be looking for. After eating, we went to the BYU football game together.

Before we headed back to my apartment, we had talked about a decision together. We decided to pray for guidance on what to do, and we made a decision based on the answer we received. We asked each other about goals and we decided on ways to improve our relationship in order to meet those goals. We decided to do more study dates, study the scriptures together, make time to talk about important topics, etc. That night, Oliver told me that I was wonderful and at that point, he thought that I was the one he was to spend his life with. We discussed how quickly things were going and how weird it was, that it felt right. We discussed how he had asked Heavenly Father if I was the one, and he received the answer to wait two or three months and ask again to receive an answer when he was ready for it. He also mentioned that he would like to go ring shopping at some point to get an idea of what I liked. We found out that we like the same kind of rings, with one stone and simple classic design. We then said goodnight.

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