Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Last Supper, First Kiss

This was the “Last Supper” for Elise. She was leaving on her mission and had asked a group of friends to come see her off with one last hurrah. Oliver and I were both invited, so he asked me to go with him. The dinner was at Guru’s. We arrived early and talked.

Once everyone got there, we ordered our food and enjoyed spending time with Elise and friends. We got a picture with Elise before we left the party. She was really excited that we were going on dates together, because we had met because of her. After we left, we went on a short walk and talked. Oliver took my hand again. He drove me home, and on my porch, he was acting a little bit nervous. I knew what was coming. He asked to kiss me, and I said yes. Later, I found out that he could not stop smiling afterwards, nor could I.

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