Friday, November 11, 2011


               I was supposed to spend the weekend at my brother’s apartment in Salt Lake City. Oliver offered to drive me there, and my brother was going to drive me home. Oliver picked me up around 5:30pm to go to SLC, but we were going to go to the South Jordan Temple first. Jordan also had asked us to do a favor for him, so our first stop was at his parent’s house to pick some stuff up for him. Then, we went to the Jordan River Temple. It was beautiful; I loved the pretty stained glass windows. I was able to be confirmed and baptized by Oliver. On the second confirmation, Oliver forgot my last name. I said, “You lost my name, huh?”  He replied, “I didn’t lose it; I just misplaced it for a minute?”

We had a great time at the temple, and we sat and talked in the car afterwards about our experience. He told me that he really really likes me, and that he had a great time that night. He then told me that he thought I was so cute from the first time we played volleyball, even calling me the prettiest girl on the volleyball court. Then, he said that I got hit in the eye, but I was still pretty. He kissed my hand, and asked if I wanted to get something to eat.

We went to Wendy’s, my favorite place, and he could not believe when the total cost was just three dollars. Oliver again asked if we were dating. To which, I responded, “Maybe.”  He kept eating his food, seeming disappointed. I laughed, and said told him that in Ashley speak, that means “yes.”  He got really excited, and his face lit up. He told me if we made it past December, his parents were going to want to meet me, and that his dad would say to get her a ticket and fly her out there (there being Missouri). Oliver then dropped me off at my brother’s apartment, met and talked with Brandon, and gave me a kiss goodbye.

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