Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Frosty for a Black Eye

I had an intramural ultimate Frisbee game. Oliver said he wished he could go, but he had work. We were playing a tough team. During the game, I guy chucked the Frisbee hard and fast without looking, hitting me who was three feet in front of him, right in the eye. It began to swell immediately. I said that I was okay and kept playing. The play right after he hit me, I made a goal. My eye was starting to hurt, so I took myself out. My teammates told me that it was already swollen and bruised purple. I just watched the last few minutes of the game. We ended up losing 9 to 12, but the other team was really good, so we felt we still played well.

My friends, Kendall Thacker, Todd Nelson, and Megan Chipman stopped by my apartment after the game to give me a certificate for making Goliath look like a wimp. After that, Oliver came to see me, because I told him about my eye. He brought me a frosty and some food from my favorite fast food restaurant to make me feel better.

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